It is 3019 and the earth is dying.
You need to use all that has left to build a spaceship and flee to another planet.
But first, with all that is remaining, you have to create a balanced ecosystem to get the materials for the ship.

Challenge Mother Nature, relearn how to cook and craft weird stuff!

A clicker with pressing as it's main mechanic and a crafting hierarchy.

* This game was mainly made for prototyping with Unity Scriptable Objects, and it is lacking in many ways.
It was build with the idea that it should be released after 2 days of programming, and here are things that I should improve if I take another few days working on it (if there actually are people interested in playing a more complete version of this game):

  • Decent and fitting graphics;
  • Better UI with more indications of what's happening (like how much materials you gain/lose per second after buying some materials);
  • Make so you don't have to spam click UI buttons in the press (the shop);
  • SFX;
  • Saving?
  • Make it possible to build the spaceship and end the game (... yeah, even that's not done).

Edit: I will do one of those features every 10 reviews or every 1$ I get from donations.

Release date Dec 21, 2019
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, clicker, Crafting, Management, Mouse only, Relaxing, Short, Unity, upgrades
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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